Based in Jackson, Mississippi; Our goal is to provide the best and most reliable cabling, networking and datacenter solutions to over 21 states and growing!  


At JSI we come to work everyday in Jackson, Mississippi to connect more people together with our cabling expertise. We service client from the Southeastern United States, all the way to Southern California! Anytime and anywhere, we want to solve your biggest cabling and networking problems. For more than forty years, JSI has partnered with many of the nation’s largest companies and government entities, to provide a comprehensive suite of physical cable plant services. Our combined experience with copper cabling, fiber optics, telephony, video and remote access enables us to bring to each customer a tradition of excellence in work. Backed by a firm commitment to success and satisfaction, we want to enable. Ever since the implementation of the internet, government, educational and business entities needed high quality cabling and networking professionals to help them make informed decisions. At JSI Our teams are staffed with top notch engineers and technicians who have been trained and certified for each manufacturer chosen. Whatever your location, size or complexity of need, JSI will place the right talent on site today. We are ready to be your partner and provide the best talent and resources from initial design to final sign off.


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Alabama – Arizona – British Columbia – California – Colorado – Florida – Georgia – Kansas – Louisiana – Massachusetts – Mississippi – Missouri – New Jersey – North Carolina – Oklahoma – Pennsylvania – Quebec – Rhode Island – South Carolina – Tennessee – Texas – Vermont – Virginia

JSI Communications is a subsidiary of Etairos, and can now bring its customers a full range of IT services.