Fiber Optic Services/ Telephone OSP Construction
Fiber optic on reel testing
Fusion splicing
OTDR Project testing

Aerial Placement T-40C Bucket truck UG placement
Plow,trench,& directional bore

Telephone System I&R Technicans
Cable splicers
Cut-over Technicans
Linemen and Aerial Placement Trucks T-40C and Loader reel
Cable Plant inspectors and Records inspectors

Campus Construction
Exchange Cable Construction
BICSI Certified  RCDD on staff

Systimax Certified Installers

Corning Fiber Certified Installers
35 years RUS/REA Construction

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LAN Network and Telephone Business Systems
LAN CAT 5 and CAT 6 installs with vendor warranties from Avaya , Panduit, Ortronics.

Cerfication of existing networks for Standards Compliance and Design consulting. BICSI RCDD on staff.

Technicans are up dated with on going training from major cabling vendors as well as test equipment manufactures.
Fiber optic backbone installs
Fiber Cable custom assemblies

Avaya Partner systems
Norstar Business system

CLEC Fiber Maintenance and Installs, Hot Cuts, Construction splicing and testing.

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What is Cabling?


According to the Fiber Optic Association:


     “Structured Cabling is the standardized architecture and components for communications cabling specified by the EIA/TIA TR42 committee and used as a voluntary standard by manufacturers to insure interoperability.”


     Our telecommunication service provides structured and network cabling for any business or public facility. Our process involves the installation of a collection of connectors, connecting hardware and cables or multimode or singlemode fiber optics.

What are Data Centers?


According to the Fiber Optic Association:


      Data centers are facilities that store and distribute the data on the Internet. With an estimated 100 billion plus web pages on over 100 million websites, data centers contain a lot of data. With almost two billion users accessing all these websites, including a growing amount of high bandwidth video, it’s easy to understand but hard to comprehend how much data is being uploaded and downloaded every second on the Internet.


What is Creation?


     Networks are the go to for organizing a large amount of data, many enterprises and campuses have a reliance on the accumulation and storage of data. In order to  fuse, connect, analyze and thus exploit data, you need to have the equipment to do so. Our services will provide the needed initial step and methods that construct a network representation.


What is Expansion?


     Expanding the network diameter to meet emerging needs is a daunting task. Networks are an ever growing necessity that increase at a rapid pace, larger in terms of diameter, number of users, cable speed, and features. The network architect of today wants to make their network bigger, faster and better. The ever growing hunger for more data and network speed, is a hunger that we at JSI can sate.


     JSI Communications provides a variety of services performed by highly skilled and well-trained technicians who adhere to the highest standards of quality. From design through implementation and post-installation support, our team of Estimators, Project Managers, Engineers, Installers, and Service Technicians work hand in hand with the end users to ensure customer design goals and expectations are met and exceeded. We strive to provide the best solutions and offer a wide range of quality products while providing exceptional customer service.


  • Construction Installation/Project Management
  • Copper Cabling Systems
  • Design-Build, Design-Assist, Engineered
  • Fiber Optic Cabling Systems
  • Long-Haul Fiber Installations
  • Rack & Stack, Move Management
  • Splicing
  • Underground Utilities

     JSI Communications network implementation services are designed to support our customers throughout the entire process. From planning to installation, testing, rollout and even production, we can help you to ensure any new implementations are smooth, and are delivered on time and on budget


Network Implementation expertise at a glance


  • LAN/WAN networking
  • multi-service networking
  • network security
  • server and host networking
  • wireless networking
  • voice and data network integration

Creating Robust Networks


     A network that is well-planned and well-designed will always offer the best performance in terms of reliability, predictability and capacity, as well as the best potential for future expansion. We at JSI Communications understand that having a robust design which is implemented according to a defined plan is the best way to deliver optimal performance.


     At JSI Communications, we offer an expert Network Plan, Design and Implement service to ensure that your network is ready for whatever the future brings.


Our complete services includes:


– Network Audit and Site Survey
– Networks and Systems Design
– Installation Engineering
– Installation Works
– Verification and Acceptance

     JSI provides IT equipment relocation projects for clients who move offices or server rooms as part of our service offerings. You will experience minimal system downtime and have a peace of mind knowing that your servers can resume its normal operations and data continues to be available after the move.


Our Services:


     Co-ordinate and manage projects with third party technical vendors to ensure smooth IT relocation as well as shipping and transportation of the equipment across the U.S.


  • De-rack and re-rack servers, network equipment and storage
  • De-commission and commission workstations
  • Cable management of server equipment
  • Dispose unwanted IT equipment

     JSI Communications understands that world as we know it runs on secure data and communications connections. Low-voltage electricians and telecommunications technicians fully understand their clients’ needs, and how important it is for their businesses to maintain secure data and telecom connections. Secure data networking and telecom installations keep companies moving, and ensure they’re maintaining high levels of efficiency. We at JSI Communications have the ability to provide supplies to telecom technicians and low-voltage electricians with all the cabling, networking and electrical equipment needed to complete high quality networking and telecom installations.

     JSI Communications specializes in all areas of both OSP fiber optic cable and underground (buried) fiber cable installs. JSI also offers the ability to tie in the fiber optic cable installations to the network integration side of your cable plant through the use of fiber patch panels, transceivers or multiplexers that migrates the fiber optic light signals into recognizable data streams for copper based switches. Our networking integration specialists are supported by experienced teams of project administrators, project managers, and experienced technicians who are ready to handle any network installation project, large or small.


  • Multimode, single mode, aerial fiber optic cabling
  • Underground & buried loose tube optical cable
  • Design & installation
  • Fiber optic terminations
  • Light interconnection units and fiber shelves
  • Testing and certifications
  • Fiber tray and raceway
  • Fiber inner ducting
  • Wall-mount and freestanding cabinets and racks
  • Fusion and mechanical splicing

     With the spread of computer applications, along with the rapid development of network technology, the campus network has become an essential school information infrastructure. The implementation of the campus network, for schools to adapt to new developments and make fuller use of existing teaching resources. In the campus network, the reliability and security of information transmission is very important, because it not only directly related to the use of campus communications network, but also to the entire campus of internal and external education system problems. In the planning and design of the campus cabling must be to choose a good quality cabling products, but also in fiber optic cabling system to avoid interference or disclosure of information